Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Night in Bangkok (and Bonus Grocery Games!)

Welp, we've moved and spent one night in Bangkok (and the world's our oyster). It was relatively smooth.  The cats are alive, our luggage got here, our apartment has a bed and a responsive office manager (yay!).

The cats were not happy about their journey... unlike when I took Lincoln from DC to Jakarta (via Tokyo and Singapore), they were not allowed to join us in the cabin.  We had to check them as "excess baggage," which is a bit nerve-wracking.  But they were kitted out pretty well:

But they've found their groove in the new place, particularly Tiga, who enjoys the built-in cubbies in the closet area:

I, personally, am enjoying the view:

Grocery Games, courtesy of a quick trip to the local 7-11.

Our quest for drinking water and something for breakfast resulted in this gem of a purchase: 
"Yoghurt with cereal beans and lotus nuts Dutchie." 

I find the description misleading, but the label art to be pretty spot on: this is a sweet vanilla-y yogurt with a) red kidney beans, b) corn, and c) weird little barley looking things that I think might be a grain called "Job's tears."  I think lotus seeds are bigger than this:

Not as bad as you might think!


  1. One time in Slovenia Steve bought yogurt that had grains mixed in and he was not pleased. He is pleased to hear about the 7 11 so close to your home.

    1. From my brief time in Bangkok, my impression is that one is literally never more than a block away from a 7-11. Bangkok's Christmas present to Steve!


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