Friday, October 21, 2011

On the Road

Selamat pagi to my friends out there... Or maybe it's selamat malam to some of you loyal readers. At this point jet lag has crashed my mental hard drive, and I'm not really sure what time it is!

Since brain function is so severely limited right now, I'll just post some pictures that Lincoln asked me to take to document his travel adventures.

Excuse the blurry iPad photos... still have to try out my new fancy camera (thank you, EPA ladies and gents!!!).
Lincoln, not happy about the 13 hour flight from Dulles to Narita (Tokyo, Japan).
Escape!  Must be Italian...
Lincoln was just as confused about the toilet directions in Narita as I was...
Maybe Linc and I are rubes, but what is the difference between the bidet button and the "spray" button with a drawing of a butt on it?  Also... flushing sound?  The best part is... none of these buttons actually flushes the toilet.  It's a regular horizontal bar flusher on the back of the toilet. 

Lincoln checks out the room in the Singapore Airport transit hotel.  Relieved to be out of the bag, no doubt.
Once his exploring was completed, he made himself at home in the Singapore airport.  Meanwhile, I made myself home in the butterfly garden that was next to the transit hotel... in the airport.  Pretty sweet!
Laksa for breakfast in the Singapore airport... plus green tea and oxygenated water.
The Dharmawangsa... certainly the fanciest hotel I have ever stayed at.
These photos don't do it justice.  Tomorrow I'll have photos of the lobby/lounges/pool area.  They are out of control luxurious.
Heeeeeeeeeey Tim!

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  1. I like the picture of Tim the best. Hopefully you all downed that bottle of wine immediately!


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