Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Deep Thoughts on Moving

The cats have mixed feelings about moving to Bangkok.

On one hand, Tiga has been helpful with the packing:

On the other hand, she seems blissfully unconcerned about the potential communication problems she might face in Thailand.  She mainly speaks Bahasa Indonesia and barely seems to understand a word of English, so I can't imagine a tonal language like Thai will come easily to her.  She doesn't seem worried:

In contrast, Lincoln has expressed a deep anxiety about his access to kreteks, Indonesian clove cigarettes, once in Thailand.  He's become as addicted as that baby on the internet and is thus trying to squeeze in as much kretek time as possible until the move:


  1. I think Tiga has enough street-smarts to handle moving to a new country. Do you think quitting cold-turkey will be hard on Lincoln? Should you bring a carton or 2 for him? Also - YAY for Bangkok!

    1. Yay! Hopefully they'll fare ok... fingers crossed!


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