Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bamboo Ferris Wheel: Good Times

After we finished up in Ubud, we headed towards Amed, making several stops along the way, including this traditional village, Tenganan, which is a Bali Aga village, meaning the residents descend from the original pre-Majapahit Balinese people.  Basically we took a tour of the small village with one of its residents, checking out their handicrafts (double-ikat weaving and basket-making).

I asked about these pink and yellow dyed chickens and our guide assured me "It's just for fun."  This is not the first time I've seen pastel-dyed chickens, although it is the first time I've seen the adult version:

Our favorite part of the tour by far, though, was this awesome wood and bamboo ferris wheel thingy in the center of town that all of the village kids were playing on (and having a blast, I might add):

Not gonna lie, that thing looked rickety as hell and made a terrible noise, but it also looked pretty damn fun:

No seatbelts on this bad boy:

Here are the women of the village preparing the daily offerings together in the village's community area (they also have community kitchens, including a massive pit for my favorite, babi guling):

And, this one's for Mike, a beehive (better known by it's common name, "a log hanging from some rope"):

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