Monday, September 2, 2013

Martha Loves Monkeys

While in Ubud, we braved walking down to see the greedy monkeys of the sacred Monkey Forest (you might remember them from here and here).  Martha was a bit wary, understandably:

We climbed down the stairs into the gulley to check out the amazing vines and temples:

Martha posed next to the terrifying statue of the baby-eating Rangda, the evil witch (and foe of the Barong, the lion-like creature we saw at the Balinese dance show):

Monkey on a monkey:

Ha ha... these guys were pretty funny.  I think we didn't get a photo of our best monkey sighting, though, which was a monkey lounging, just outside the forest, on a parked motorbike.  He was checking himself out in the bike's sideview mirror and jumping repetitively out of the shock of seeing himself.  Pretty hilarious.

Hear no evil, but eat as many bananas as you can get = philosophy of a Monkey Forest monkey:

Watch out, Martha!  Double-headed, long-tongued moss monster behind you!:

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