Monday, September 16, 2013

Bangkok Bound!

I realize I sort of already let the cat out of the bag over on the other blog, but here it is again: we're moving to Bangkok!!  This, of course, means I have to get the cat(s) back into the bag(s) for the flight.  Ha.  In any case, I have updated the blog's title to be indicative of our location change.

But seriously: we're really excited for the move, to see what Bangkok has to offer, although we will definitely miss some of the awesomeness that Indonesia has going on (Jakarta, less so).  Lincoln and Tiga are less excited, but I'm sure once we're settled in they'll be fine.

Things I am looking forward to:

Thai food: sweet, sour, spicy and crazy appetizing
Public transportation: woooooo!
Thai silk: don't mind if I do
Mr. Ben, Erin and baby Zoey: neighbors again

Things I'll miss:

Indonesians: super nice people who are sooo happy when you learn even just a little bit of their language... "Mister, sudah lancar!" is what they'll tell you ("Already fluent!") when you're really just barely proficient

Batik and ikat: my favorites

Crazy creatures: both fuzzy and scaly

Beef rendang, Manado-style food (extra pedas!), urap pakis, tempe, babi guling, avocado shakes and other delights: so tasty

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