Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monkey Forest, Take 2

The monkeys seemed significantly less aggressive this time around, but there were also far fewer tourists to jump on.   This big (balled) guy was crashed out right by the ticket counter:


Maggie and Chrissy posing in front of the main temple:

Lots of crazy statues throughout:

Chrissy, getting into the act:

Lots of grooming: 

Lunch time?

All dressed up and nowhere to go?  Remember the story from the last time I was forced to wear a sarong into this particular temple?

Bedawang Nala, a mythological turtle who supports the world on his back... he's surrounded by 2 giant serpents that bind him to human/earthly needs:

Boma, one of the guardian spirits: 

After hitting up the main temple, we headed down some stairs into a part of the forest that Liz, Meghan and I somehow missed last time...

There we saw some more cool statues, some seriously crazy Indiana Jones-esque vines, and some waterfalls:

The river is guarded by two large Komodo dragons:

So many vines!

On the way out, more terrifying statues of Rangda, a demon queen who eats children:

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys:

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