Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back to Bukit Lawang: People of the Jungle

Last time I was in Bukit Lawang (with Colleen and Scuba Steve), I had such a good time that I insisted we go back for more jungle trekking, rafting and general shenanigans with our favorite guides, Jakka and Simon. 

We arrived late night and headed out on the trek through Gunung Leuser National Park early the next morning:

Right of the bat we were in greeted with some wildlife... a troop of Thomas Leaf Monkeys (remember them from last time?):

Then some greedy macaques (or "cheeky monkeys," as the Bukit Lawang folk call them).

We did some vine swinging:

Some massive tree climbing:

And then, voila, all of our orangutan dreams came true... Tim and Chuck got their first sighting, and then another and another and another:

All in all we saw 5 adult orangutans, each with a little baby!  Pretty awesome day.  No Mina this time, although I can't say I am too too disappointed about that, given her
reputation for being a bit bitey.  We did see Sepi and her baby, though, who I had seen earlier in the year at the feeding platform.  I said hi.  She seemed good.

We also each sweated approximately 2 liters of water each... ok, maybe 4 liters for Tim.

 These pics are like the Where's Waldo of the jungle... find the orangutan:

Photos of us are courtesy of Jakka, who enjoyed playing the tourist for a day and gently mocking us... "Your country is so amazing!"

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