Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bukit Lawang: Monkey Town

Bukit Lawang is famous for being located next to a forest full of orangutans, but it is also chock full of other monkeys... while bopping around town we saw troops of long-tailed macaques (which I consider to be the rats of the SE Asian monkey world) hanging out in the trees.  

More interestingly, there was also a troop of Thomas's leaf monkeys that we saw on several occasions in Bukit Lawang (we also saw a couple in the jungle).  Thomas's leaf monkeys are endemic to northern Sumatra (meaning they are unique to this area) and are pretty awesome looking with their striped mohawk hair-dos.   On our last full day in town we were eating lunch on the second floor of a guest house, eye level with the power line that hangs alongside the road, and we captured this gang of Thomas's leaf monkeys on the move:


  1. Those monkeys run funny! Looks like they are about to fall off.

    1. Yah, we were wondering if the electricity went back on as they were running... It was in and out the whole time we were in town.


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