Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jungle Joys

More fun jungle stuff...  in addition to all the monkeys and orangutans and sweating and giant trees, we also got to try cinnamon and quinine in the wild, see rubber being harvested, and catch a glimpse of this super cool wild peacock:

When they first pointed him out to me, I thought to myself, "Oh, he's sitting on a log."  Then I realized that what I thought was a log was really his massive tail feathers:

He, in turn, was thinking, "What are you looking at, tomatoface?!"

Video, complete with Tim's hand flapping in frame for perspective on how close we got:

Jakka took the camera to document just how sweaty and red-faced ("tomato-faced," as he put it) we were:

He also captured this (massive, like the size of a small dog) ant carrying a big load.  Then he ate an ant in front of us, claiming it tastes like lemon.  He also ate termites while on the trail.  We declined a taste.

Disappearing into the jungle:

Oh, there's his little tomatoface!

Termite mound on a tree trunk:

Twisty vines strangling a tree:

Tim, chilling:

Chuck, trying not to strangle Jakka for taking so many photos of her:

Simon leads the way:

"Seriously, dude. Stop."

We ate a snack with this guy up in our business the whole time:

Simon's glamor shots:

Jungle view:

Winding our way through the steep, muddy, vine-covered paths:

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