Thursday, November 28, 2013


At the end of our hike through the jungle, we arrived at the river's edge, sweaty and hot:


Ready for glamping (ok, not glamping, really.  just regular camping), we were greeted by this guy, our excellent chef de cuisine (whose name I cannot remember, because I am terrible person):

We were also by this lady and child, Jackie and baby-who-has-yet-to-be-named-by-the-authorities:

Jackie was just prepping our tent for us, we think.  However, we were informed that Jackie "likes to hold hands" but "doesn't smell very good," and thus we were to exercise caution in her presence:

Jackie and baby ultimately did not  bother us that evening, but instead chose to head to bed while we bathed in the river and got ready for this delicious dinner, which included chicken curry and tempeh, among other things:

After dinner we started with the "black magic," as our chef called it... card tricks, brain teasers, you name it:

Good times were had by all... we particularly enjoyed the La Dee Da cup game as well as a rousing game of "Jonny Woop," a game which can only be explained in person.

Jakka took these photos, proud of his campfire handiwork:

Our hiking clothes, dutifully hung out to dry, would never do so:

As I said, good times:

Why does Tim look like an old man in this photo?

Our awesome chef, cracking himself up by explaining that the more Jakka, ahem, partakes of the herbal remedy, the more he looks like "Japanese Bob Marley":

A portrait of the artist as a young man:

Simon, who loves the "La Dee Da" cup game despite his complete inability to play it without descending into the giggles:

The flames, the flames:


  1. 1. Can we play the cup game at Christmas?
    2. Simons hair is hilarious
    3. Your hair is very long!
    4. Tim is a silver fox.

  2. 1. Yes! Cup game! And you must re-teach me and Tim Yaniv.

    2. Simon was growing his hair out, as guides are wont to do in B.L. I think he was trying to achieve Jakka or Obiwan levels of flowy hair, but was still at the awkward bob stage.

    3. I need a haircut but am worried about language barriers. At least in Indonesia I knew the words for "short," "long" and "noooooooooo!." Here, I got nothing but "thank you"

    4. Tim is not that grey in real life yet... I am more grey than him. Lighting tricks.


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