Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Circle of Life

(this photo is only minimally relevant to the blog post because Chuck is eating breakfast in it, but I just had to post it because her face is priceless)

Here we were, enjoying breakfast by the river after a night of camping, when...

This fellow joined us from upstream:

He sauntered out of the water:

And hung out for a bit:

Then we noticed these guys approaching from all sides, determined to get some of our delicious breakfast:

Then, to complete the jungle scene/circle of life/what have you, Jackie (remember her? she likes holding hands?) and baby took up a riverside seat:

We were kinda hoping for some sort of 3-way, interspecies fight club to commence, but things remained peaceful:

Aw, how cute are Jackie and baby?

The only shenanigans occurred when Jackie decided to make a move on our kitchen tent (although her plans were quickly foiled by Simon):

All the while, Tim ate fruit from this, the most magnificent fruit plate to ever be consumed:


  1. by the looks of that fruit platter, you clearly were glamping! Also, so cool that you met Jackie - I had read about her and wondered if she would appear in our campsite.

    1. I know, that fruit platter was pretty glamorous! I love how they cut the fruit and arrange it just so so that you can easily grab it with your filthy fingers.

      Jackie was sweet... I was glad she didn't try to hold my hand, to be honest, but she and her babe certainly liked being close to us. I think we may have missed her when you guys were there bc of that rain storm. Boo.


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