Sunday, August 11, 2013

Singapore: Supertrees!

Since Tim and I moved to Jakarta, sometime between our first visit to Singapore and our second trip together, Singapore sprouted a grove of Supertrees... these intriguing clusters of massive metal trees are visible from the highway on the way from airport, so Martha and I decided to check them out.  

The Supertrees are part of the massive, beautiful and highly engineered Gardens by the Bay complex adjacent to the equally massive Marina Bay Sands hotel/casino/mall with a river running through it.  Martha and I took the MRT (love public transportation!) to Marina Bay, walked through the Marina Bay Sands and took the footbridge over to the gardens:

Here's Martha in front of the Supertrees:

It was a cloudy day, but the Supertrees were still a sight to see... 12 stories high, metal branches, trunks covered in bromeliads and orchids:

We took an elevator up one of the Supertrees to reach the elevated walkway that connects several of the trees.  It's Singapore, so there were, of course, many rules to follow:

The view from the top was pretty cool- the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest buildings (more on those coming soon) in one direction and Singapore's massive harbor and shipping industry on the other:

Anywho... checking out the Supertrees is totally worth it if you're ever in Singapore for a day or two.  Good stuff- an engineering/architectural marvel, fo sho.

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