Saturday, August 10, 2013

Singapore: Food and Fun

So, post-Custer, I headed to Springfield for some baby squeezing and toddler chasing. Then the Real Martha and I headed back across the world (dragging a serger) to Singapore for a weekend of sightseeing and eating.  Let's start with the eating:

We arrived in Singapore disgustingly early in the morning, but in our jet-lagged daze, I was still able to navigate us over to Chinatown for an early lunch at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre (which you may remember from here and here).  Chicken rice, fresh squeezed juices and a strange, yet tasty dessert that Martha tried thanks to some new friends she met while saving a table (I was waiting in the heinously long line for the chicken rice, see below):

Chicken rice:

The juice lady:

Martha making friends with the folks at this stall, who were serving up a sweet snack that we devised was a rice flour dough ball rolled in coconut and filled with a palm sugar syrup... mmm:

The next morning our breakfast was the Singapore favorite, kaya toast and eggs with coffee.  We went to Ya Kun Kaya, where the eggs are runny and wet (see poster below), the coffee is rich and sweet, and the toast is spread with butter and kaya, a coconut jam/curd concoction that is awesome (I have plans to make kaya soon using our friend Zhenyi's grandmother's recipe.  It will happen.):

Martha loved the poster below (Screw the French press, we've got the sock!") because she said her father used to use the sock filter method when brewing coffee:

We also hit up Muthu's for some fish head curry... yum, fish heads!

And our final food outing was taking the MRT and a crowded bus out to the hot and crowded ChompChomp Hawker center (which Zhenyi introduced to me and Tim this spring):

We got the tried-and-true favorites, sambal stingray (mmmmmm), sugarcane juice, Hokkien mie, and carrot cake.  Delicious!

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