Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cooking, Balinese Style

Here is the second half of our culinary experience at Lobong (the first being the market tour).  My second time taking this class was not a disappointment- just as interesting, hands-on and delicious as last time!  Pretty sure Martha enjoyed it, too... asking lots of questions, learning about life on Bali...

As we did last time I cooked here, we got to see Pak Sang Made's mother making the coconut oil from fresh coconuts, as she does weekly:

Our mise en place, including chilis, shallots and garlic (the Indonesian holy trinity), fresh galangal and turmeric root, peanuts, lemongrass, tomato, ginger, tamarind, and long beans, among other fresh ingredients:

Martha implements her signature hand gesture in case anyone was planning to take a photo during the initial ingredient explanation by the Chef:

Teacher's pet helps out with the very involved, multi-step, over-a-wood-fire Balinese rice making process (this is not just tossing the rice and water into the rice cooker, my friends):

Chopping the holy trinity... look at those knife skillz:

Chef explaining the importance of and ingredients in the essential Balinese spice paste, the base gede:

Martha's responsibility was the curry sauce for the chicken, and she took it very seriously:

Mine was the peanut sauce:

Martha using the mush-and-twist method of getting the spiced minced chicken sate onto the skewer for sate lilit ayam:

And Pak Sang Made helping out with the grilling of said sate... smoking up the whole place:

Dessert time... a Balinese crepe filled with a delicious palm sugar and coconut filling:

And the finished products!  Sate lilit ayam and peanut sauce (base sate):

Kare ayam (braised chicken leg in coconut curry sauce) and dadar gulung (Balinese crepe filled with palm sugar syrup and grated coconut): 

Jukut urab (mixed veggies [fern tips, long beans, red beans] salad with grated coconut and garlic chili dressing) and sambal ulek (tomato and chili sambal):

Balinese rice with sweet potato and fried shallots:

Martha admiring our work:

But before we eat, an offering/cangansari must be made:

Pak Sang Made's mother is in charge of the offerings, which are placed all around the family compound several times a day:

After the offering, our meal was plated (pretty fancily, I might add) and we got to eat... all of it was pretty awesome, but I am partial to the salad, the sambal and the sate:

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