Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Market Mania

Our first full day on Bali was spent at a market tour and cooking lesson with the lovely family behind the Lobong Culinary Experience.  After having thoroughly enjoyed myself when I did the class with Meghan and Liz, I put it on the top of the list of things to do with Martha.

First, the market tour (have I mentioned how much I looooove market tours? Yeah, I think maybe.).

Ladies selling produce and working on palm frond baskets (maybe for offerings/cangansari) during the down time:

Big knife:

Beautiful flowers for sale for use in cangansari:

Balinese women excel at carrying stuff on their heads... tough chicks:

Pak Sang Made, the host of our market tour and cooking class.  He's holding some pakis, which are young ferns gathered in the wild for a Balinese salad that I am mildly obsessed with: urap pakis. The salad has the fern tips, freshly shaved coconut and lots of lovely spices:

The banana leaves that frequently serve as cooking vessel, serving dish and decor:

Wayang (puppets):

This lady was the cutest: 

These look like limes, but they're actually super sweet Indonesian oranges:

And these are chickens:

This tailor, who does sewing and alterations at the market, was also in the same spot the last time I wandered through this market:

Old-school scales and unappetizing meat cutting board:

Martha cannot keep her eyes open:

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