Saturday, August 3, 2013

Round the World and Back Again

Sorry for the delay in posting!!  July was a busy month.  Here's a summary of my travels:

Places visited:
Jakarta --> Tokyo --> Denver --> South Dakota --> Massachusetts --> NYC --> Frankfurt --> Singapore --> Jakarta --> Jogja --> Ubud --> Amed --> Jakarta

Modes of transportation taken:

Taxi, Dreamliner, Prius, buffalo (just kidding, but I wish), SMRT, bus, river taxi, bajaj, train, becak, motorbike, jukung...

Things eaten:

Activities undertaken:

Beer drinking, road tripping, hiking, wedding attending, dancing, buffalo siting, baby holding, hawker food eating, batik making (and buying!!), temple looking, snorkeling, goofy picture taking, rice paddy admiring...

More deets coming soon!!

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