Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bali: Relaxing on the Beach at Seminyak

After our lovely trip to Jogja, Borobudur and Prambanan, the ladies and I sadly bid farewell to Fran (who was off to Jakarta for, as she put it, "a challenging regime of spa treatments, open bar events and low-impact shopping") and hopped a flight to beautiful Bali.  


Our first stop in Bali was Seminyak, where we engaged in our own challenging agenda of a) sitting on the beach, b) playing in the water and c) ordering a steady stream of Bintang besar

As you can probably see from the photos, we had a really tough time of it, as the weather was terrible. 
Just awful.

We took a break from sitting right on the sand and headed to the second story of the beach front restaurant, La Plancha, where we dined on tasty garlic squid and shrimp and drank more Bintang besar, ice dingin.
I love their colorful umbrellas!

Beanbags on the beach.

After lunch, we headed right back to our spot under the beach umbrella.  Torture, I'm telling you.

The people-watching on Seminyak is pretty amazing... pushy salespeople with a strange assortment of goods (pirate ship kites, random paintings, carved coconuts, unsanitary pedicures), weird long haired guys with horses (below), Speedo-wearing old men with double walking sticks (also below), amongst many others.  


  1. The beach was really very amusing, other funny moments included: the insane excitement the various lady vendors expressed when they saw Meg was crocheting something (gasp!), the couple sitting a few beach chairs down who had no interest in actually surfing but took about a million pictures of themselves posing with their surfboard on the beach throughout the day, the woman we saw swimming topless (obviously she made the right call between having no tan lines or being culturally sensitive while visiting a predominately Muslim country), the Australian woman who stopped by to ask Meg for advice on beach pedicures and seemed utterly confused by Meg's suggestion that they might be unsanitary ... :)

    1. Ha- yeah, you nailed it. Definitely some characters on the beach that day!


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