Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bali: Seminyak Sunset

Following a truly taxing day on the beach in Seminyak, we retired to our beachfront hotel for a few drinks at the swim-up bar:

And by "a few drinks," I mean a few too many.  Oh well...

As a side note, the poolside bartendress alerted me to the fact that my new signature drink, the gin rickey, may also on occasion be called the gin fizz.  Good to know, although further research shows that the difference may that simple syrup/sugar is added to the gin fizz, whereas the gin rickey is sugar-free.  Either way it's good, but I think I lebih suka the gin rickey.

As a side note to my side note, Joan ordered a gin fizz on Mad Men a couple weeks ago.  I love Joan!

Drinks or no drinks, the sunset was lovely that particular evening.

A pretty finale to a relaxing day.

Post sunset we headed out for some tasty Balinese food.  Post-dinner we all passed out at approximately 10 pm due to our massive Bintang and pool-side cocktail intake.

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