Monday, April 30, 2012

Prambanan: The Ramayana Ballet

During the summer the dance performance is staged outside in front of the illuminated temple... unfortunately when we were there it was being performed inside, but it was no less impressive.  

Sorry for the blurry photos... the lighting was tough.

The dance was performed to the sound of the gamelan orchestra (you can sorta see the musicians sitting in the back) with two female singers. 

The costumes were pretty complicated- lots of layered fabric, jewelry, headpieces, masks and wigs.  
I think this is Rahwana below:

Shinta, her sister and assorted lady friends, dancing a complicated dance that necessitated kicking their purposefully long sarongs out from under their feet in time with the music:

Rahwana, in pursuit of Shinta, who's hanging out with her sister.

Shinta, thrown into the flames for Rama's "purity test":

Rama + Shinta 4-Eva:


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