Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bali: Tanah Lot and Paparazzi

After our brief sojourn in Seminyak, we were off to hit up some more sights on Bali.  First on the list was Pura Tanah Lot. Since I had been there last fall, I knew the ladies would enjoy it, so we braved the heat of the day and checked it out.  

So. Worth. It.

Tanah Lot is one of Bali's 7 venerated sea temples- a "directional" temple, as they call them- perched on a rock just off shore, separated from the main land by tidal pools on one side and crashing waves on the other.


Meghan braves the rushing tides to see what's on the other side:

What's on the other side: 

The ladies pose for a photo with the temple in the background.


Little did they know that the paparazzi were gearing up to capture their every move.  They were like stars. Liz and Meghan- they're just like us!!!

I thought Meghan had a lot of sister before, but this is getting ridiculous:

Look at how proud Liz's new mom is of her! She's practically beaming.  Liz's new little brother looks a little worried, though.  Perhaps he caught wind of that story about Liz, her other little brother Ben and the glass patio door?:

Everyone wanted a photo or 5 with Meghan.  These two ladies went in for seconds!

I am so happy I captured this moment below... the guy in the plaid sarong hangs out at Tanah Lot and, for those folks who don't have a camera, he will take your photo and then print it out for you on the spot using the printer in his bag there.  These people were so excited to see Meghan that they needed the instant gratification photo of them cuddling up to her!  Priceless.

Liz made some new man-friends.  I think it was because she touched the lucky Buddha's hand back at Borobudur.  Incidentally, they told her they were from Thailand and giggled.  They were not from Thailand.

Phew... after all that excitement, we kept walking to see some of the other cliffside temples nearby and to snag a bird's eye photo of Tanah Lot:

After all that walking around in the searing sun (with which we were perhaps too familiar after the previous day's beach activities), we were parched and decided to stop for nature's sports drink, coconut water.

The coconuts were literally bigger than our heads.  But so delicious.

Also, while sippin' on coconut water, we had the pleasure of meeting one more group of photo seekers (not pictured).  This was a group of 3 or 4 men in their late twenties, super excited for a photo op snuggling next to my blonde friends.  I tried to speak to them in Bahasa Indonesia, but they didn't seem to understand me and all I could get from them was "Kalimantan" (which is the southern, Indonesian part of the island of Borneo and one of Indonesia's least visited provinces).   I'm fairly sure they didn't speak Bahasa Indonesia (the national language of Indonesia) and perhaps only spoke their local language...  pretty interesting!  I haven't knowingly encountered that here yet, but it makes sense considering how rural and isolated most parts of Kalimantan are!


  1. turns out a giant coconut filled with coconut water is much heavier to lift than you'd think - that's my excuse for my weird expression in the first coconut picture - well, that, and I was still suffering from that heady tanah lot mixture of temporary stardom and sunstroke!

    1. Those coconuts were massive! And they had so much coconut water in them... I love that you can buy a coconut with what amounts to approximately a quart of water in it for $1 (and that's probably expensive for here), whereas a mini-sized 8 oz container of coconut water costs like $3 in the U.S.


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