Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jalan-Jalan in Jogjakarta: Around Town

When we arrived at Jogjakarta's train station, we hopped a random father-son quasi-taxi to our hotel across town, checking out the street scenes on the way, including lots of cool graffiti and street art, as well as countless becaks (elaborately painted bicycle rickshaws that look like they are made to fit 2 people, but would really only fit 1 bule) and horse-drawn carriages.  Quite a different traffic scene from Jakarta. 

This guy is very ambitious with what he carries on his becak.
Popeye's in Jogja was a little bit of a tease for me.
Look, Fran, horses!
Cool graffiti/artwork in Jogja, complete with random Marilyn Monroe wall art (reminds me a little of the classic Woodley Park Marilyn mural).
We thought this tagger had a pretty cool style.
Our hotel, the lovely Jogja Village Inn, was a little oasis in the middle of the city, with a beautiful pool-side garden as well as awesome chewy ginger candies and super helpful staff at the front desk. They also had some tasty beverages in their restaurant/bar, which Meghan kindly sampled for us (please see her pure joy below).  We met up with our friend, Fran, who was doing a reverse trip from ours, coming from Bali, stopping in Jogja and then heading to Jakarta.

Meghan thoroughly enjoying her "Pinafantasia" drink.  In case she ever determines that a career in the porn industry is in the cards for her, she now has a screen name.

The pool and garden at Jogja Village Inn.

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