Friday, May 10, 2013

Stand By

So, remember all those underwater photos and videos I promised from our Bunaken diving trip with Colleen and Steve?  Well, there are a lot of them and they're on their way, but they need a bit of TLC (i.e. editing) to be presentable... underwater photography is hard!

In the meantime, while I splice together 47,000 fish videos, please stand by and enjoy these videos of us looking goofy in our scuba gear.  Steve and Colleen have also posted some pics on their blog (including this bathroom etiquette gem), so check those out, too.

Colleen and Steve smile and wave for the camera:

Tim films me doing a ridiculous dance as we surfaced at the end of our dive.  What you can't see, just off camera, is that Steve and Colleen are also dancing...  our lively boat crew had been playing party music in between dives, so we all had this song (warning: inappropriate lyrics) in our heads:

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