Monday, May 20, 2013

Bunaken Diving Day 4

Dudes, the diving on our fourth day was pretty fabulous... relaxing, completely rife with fish, and just generally beautiful.  The videos are also by far our best of the trip, mostly because of the good lighting and camera un-shy fish.  Definitely worth watching (here's looking at you, Mom) and definitely worth watching full screen.

First dive: Again, sadly, I can't remember the name of the dive spot.
Here's the video:

Highlights(so many of them!) from the above video:
- Our descent... the light, the thousands of fish off the reef. Amazing.  I love the tiny, gorgeous orange and pink anthias.
- Tiny electric blue and yellow fish, also gorgeous (0:33)
- An absolutely ridiculous amount of pyramid butterfly fish and red tooth trigger fish swarming everywhere
- A cool close-up of the red tooth trigger fish... I love their coloring and the weird way their fins move (1:00)
- A blurry, but pretty nudibranch, doing some prairie dogging (1:10)
- A couple of masked bannerfish (1:28)
- a beautiful anemone with residents (1:45)
- more magical swarms of pyramid butterfly fish and red tooth trigger fish
- a pyramid butterfly fish getting cleaned on the reef by a couple of smaller, striped cleaner fish (you can see them circling him and kinda poking at him until they all get spooked) (2:14)
- a couple of big trevally in the distance (2:30)
- a couple long-nose butterfly fish (2:36)
- a surgeon fish of some sort (2:46)
- a couple vagabond butterfly fish  (2:54)
- surgeon fish again, plus a darkly colored trumpetfish (3:00)
-  another cool anemone and skunk anemone fish (3:09)
- a couple lattice butterfly fish (3:23)
- a fish that was eating stuff off the reef and then spitting it out (3:38)
- a blue puffer (4:05)
- so, so, so many fish on top of the reef...


Self-portrait with triggerfish:

For some reason these photos reminds me of Snorks.  Does anyone remember Snorks?  I had fond memories of the show until I just Googled it.  You can't go home again.

So much pretty coral:

View from below:

I still don't really know what these things are... some sort of sponge, I assume... I also still don't know why Scuba Steve hates them:

And neither do they, apparently:

For those of you who still couldn't see him after I circled him, here's an annotated close-up.  I guess he's doing his job pretty well, eh?

Giant clam!!!  I love giant clams:

Ginormous porcupinefish:

Second dive:  Blanking on the name of the dive site, again.  Oops.  Let's just call it "Awesomesauce"
Tim was the videographer on this dive (our last... boooo) and got some great footage:

- Ornate ghost pipe fish- woot!  First time seeing this bugger.  And he's hard to see because of his camouflage, but he's the spiky "T" shaped thing in floating on the left hand side of the crinoid  (0:12)
- Fat little puffer fish and a big titan trigger fish (0:24)
- Some weird purple thing (1:05)
-  Freaking beautiful blue girdled angelfish (1:14)
- Just the gang, hanging out (1:23)
- The world's tiniest (like smaller than your pinky nail) little yellow seahorse! You can just see him float a bit in the center of the shot. (1:34)
- Us, admiring a turtle napping in a nook in the reef (1:36)
- The highlight of the highlights:  turtle square dance! (2:19)
(check out the giant barnacle on that one turtle's butt!)
- A strangely aggressive fish, lunging at the camera (3:14)
- Tons of beautiful coral and fishies
- These super cute little fish (anyone know what they are called?) that hang out in the coral, diving down into it when you approach (4:52)
- A pretty parrotfish (5:34)
- Titan triggerfish, again (6:03)
- Another doofy puffer fish, chilling on an awesome brain coral... you'll notice we have a lot of footage of these guys because they're so slow moving (6:12)
- A ginormous porcupine fish being cleaned (you can see the cleaner fish going in and out of his gills!) (7:02)
- Dance party, obvs (7:47)

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