Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bunaken Diving: Day 2

Second day in Bunaken, first dive of the day: Alban

Another day, another wall dive, folks.  

I love the eerie/romantic/Instagram-y feeling of this photo of Colleen and Scuba Steve:

Highlights from the video on this dive include:

1. Some crazy overhangs in the wall that we dove under/through:

2. Lots of purty coral and stuff:

3. Colleen flapping. If I weren't holding the camera, you'd see me flapping, too, but instead you get this lovely back-lit selfie:

4. Lots of funky sea sponges and stuff, including the purple and yellow ones that Steve doesn't like (Steve, I still want an explanation about why these particular undersea creatures are so offensive to you):

5. Tim + underwater peace signs (at minute mark 1:56) = comical.  Almost as comical as Tim + magic wand:

6. Me failing yet again to capture a clear shot of an orangutan crab pointed out by our divemaster (minute mark 2:00-2:04)

8. Yellow fish (which I can't ID) all up in my business, repeatedly (3:16, 4:03, 4:52, etc.)

9. Some jerk snorkelers standing on the top of the reef (the guys from our boat yelled at them) (5:34)

10. A curious crew of black fish towards the end of the dive (6:01):

Second dive of the day: Muka 2

Fewer photos and videos since our backup camera battery failed to charge correctly due to the island's intermittent power.  However, video highlights include us dropping down on some beautiful and fish-tastic reef, Tim gracing us with shots of his own face and knees, and a very pretty anemone:

Stuff seen but not captured on camera:

1. harlequin snake eel (super cool!!)
2. a moray eel
3. puffer fish
4. big schools of blue striped fusiliers
5. long nose butterfly fish
6. Christmas tree worms

Tim says that barely visible yellow stick in the middle of the fan is a trumpet fish:



  1. After watching your diving videos (love that you have the capability now), I've moved on to listening to the video instead of music. Something about the sound of your darth vader breathing and the water is very soothing to the work-weary soul.

  2. It is kinda soothing, isn't it? Glad you're liking the videos! I'm happy that we can share some of the underwater fun now (although our cinematography skillz do leave something to be desired).


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