Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bunaken: Surface Shenanigans

As I mentioned, I am in the midst of editing/splicing our underwater scuba videos from Bunaken...  but here are some photos from our above-water adventures getting to and then on and around the island, some mine and Tim's (using our GoPro Hero, which sometimes had its red underwater filter and also got a little foggy, giving many of our photos an Instagram-y feel), some from Scuba Steve's camera (thanks, Steve and Colleen!).

This post is a bit of a photo bomb, so check them out after the jump.

Colleen and Steve crossing the tarmac at the airport in Jakarta (a common occurrence in Indonesia):

On the boat from Manado to the dive resort (Two Fish Divers) on the tiny island of Bunaken (one of six small islands within Bunaken National Marine Park), a little weary after an early wake-up and a series of flights (wearing my homemade shirt!):

Our first glimpse of Manado Tua (Old Manado), the extinct cone-shaped volacano island:

Steve and Colleen have posted some photos of our resort on their blog, but basically Two Fish Divers is on the east coast of the island, nestled in amongst the mangroves that grow in the water (which we occasionally had to wade through to get to our dive boat when the tide was low, see below).

Map below:

Scuba Steve and Colleen emerge from the mangroves, wading:

Wading back in after our dives... ask us about the other guy on our dive boat, particularly his bathing suit choice and tattoo:

Some shots of the scenery:

Some of our dive boat and dive crew, including our favorite gear guy with a great voice, some guitar skillz, and quite possibly the most jovial personality in the world and our dive master, Sandy, king of finding the world's tiniest, almost unseeable crabs:

Our evening hang-out, the bar area:

Here the hotel and dive staff jam out nightly with guitars and a jerry-rigged bass made out of a big wooden box (sorry for the blurry photos)...  Bob Marley covers were a favorite, but I liked this Hotel California cover in which "California" is replaced with "Two Fish Divers":

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