Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tanah Lot Temple at Sunset

Here are some photos of our last stop in Bali before heading to the airport.  You may recognize Tanah Lot temple from my visit with Tim as well as the site of Liz and Meghan's encounter with the Indonesian paparazzi.  It's one of Bali's seven sea temples running down the coast.


We tried to catch it at sunset, but didn't end up with the picture perfect sunset shot, but had good time and some lovely views anyway. 

The sunset itself was pretty nice:

We watched a woman next to us try to "capture" the setting sun in her hand for approximately 25 minutes... she tried letting rest on her open palm, wrapping it in a hug, and even crushing its head, Kids in the Hall style, to no avail.  We coaxed Jenny into giving it a try, too.  "Yep, Jenny. Right there. You got it."  She is a good sport:

Miss Maggie basking in the glow:

The ladies:

Aaaaaaand, more pretty sunsets, for posterity:

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  1. That's funny, there's a salon in Arlington called Tanah-Lot Temple as well. They offer memberships.


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