Friday, November 11, 2011

Bali: Pura Tanah Lot

On our last day in Bali, Tim and I decided to take a short trip to see a Tanah Lot Temple, a temple built on a large rock formation just offshore.  Apparently it's only accessible during certain times of the day, literally when the tides are right, since there is no bridge connecting it to the main island of Bali.  People wade across to the temple when the tide is lower, as you can see from the photos.

Apparently, it's most beautiful at sunset, but our schedule only allowed for us to check it out at midday.  It was plenty beautiful for me.  

Here are the photos from our trip out to Pura Tanah Lot from Seminyak:
Rice paddies out the car window on the way to the temple.
Rice paddies galore.
The entrance to the Pura Tanah Lot area.  Also, Tim's butt.
We stumbled upong a procession of folks bringing large offerings to the temple.

This guy was ushering the procession through while simultaneously singing over the loudspeaker.
Tim, posing for the paparazzi outside of the temple grounds.
The beginning of the tidal area.

The temple!

Another angle, showing people who had just waded over.  Notice the offerings on the ground in the lower left corner.  These were everywhere.

Cool looking statue.  Wearing a sarong.  Not unusual here.

View of the temple from another cliff top.

Two cliffs down- another temple.

Tim ponders the meaning of life.

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