Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Bali

Here is a random assortment of sights from around Bali... 

View of a volcano from the airplane on the way in:


Shells from the various beaches:

One of Bali's ubiquitous offerings or canangsari:

Our offering to the election gods (remember, these photos are from waaaay back in November)... that mangosteen is clearly probama. The snakefruit was still on the fence at the time.

The tools of the trade of a talented silversmith outside of Ubud in Celuk Village...

Tiny silver beads used in making silver filigree jewelry:
Fresh tamarind is used for polishing the silver:

The silversmith himself, hamming it up with our driver, Made:

Rambutan!  Rambut means "hair" in Bahasa Indonesia:

Using fans to strategically disguise just how sweaty we were:

Ikat weaving in Ubud... yes, this is the second photo I have forced this woman to pose for in the past year, but I have more than repaid her in repeat business, for sure.  And I'll be back, too:

Some of the beautiful, intricate and slightly terrifying Balinese artwork at the Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud:

A statue on the museum grounds being enveloped by the greenery:

Jenny and Eileen, looking beautiful while having a drink out in Candidasa:

An example of the ubiquitous wood carvings on Bali

Flowers, flowers, everywhere:

Rama and Sita, I assume:

A copper batik cap (stamp), used to stamp designs in wax on fabric before dyeing it:

And, finally, a crazy sunset thunderstorm I saw from the plane window on the home from Bali to Jakarta...  maybe this storm is why my flight was delayed 6 hours?

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