Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome to Da Nang

Hey kiddos! Sorry for the lengthy delay in getting a post up... Tim and I are back in the Big Durian after living it up in Vietnam for the past few weeks, busy eating and drinking our hearts out, overindulging in all of the things that are hard to find and/or expensive in Jakarta: wine, cheap beer, pork, mounds of fresh herbs, crispy baguettes and flaky croissants, more pork, more wine, more baguettes, etc., etc. 

The mountains to the west of Da Nang from the airport.
I'm planning to post a bunch of stuff about of trip, including places visited, things eaten, things observed, feelings felt... In the meantime, please check out the beautiful sunset above and the bizarre but cute welcome drink that greeted me upon arrival:

Dragon fruit drinks served in tiny bamboo lounge chairs.

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