Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stuff on 2- and 3-wheeled Vehicles in Vietnam

In the same vein as the internet meme, Stuff on My Cat, I am bringing to you stuff on 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles in Vietnam.

Despite having lived for almost 9 months in Jakarta, a place that is rife with motorbikes carrying all manner of unique and/or precariously perched goods, I was truly amazed by the stuff I saw being carried and/or happening on 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles in Vietnam, including bikes, motorbikes and the ubiquitous 3-wheeled cyclos, Vietnam's bicycle taxis.  I don't know if it's the contrast to the U.S., where everything is transported in big, opaque trucks, or if I'm amazed by the balancing act, but regardless, it continually made me laugh.

I was able to capture photos of some of the marvels, but some you will have to imagine, as the vehicle whizzed by too quickly for a proper picture.  

Stuff on Motorbikes:
Ladies riding side saddle.
A "tree" full of model airplanes.
Five people!!!
Five people... so good it necessitated 2 photos.
A garden?
Approximately 500 eggs.
Ten 5-gallon bottles of drinking water.
A lady AND her portable shoulder pole food distribution vessel thingy.
A washing machine!!!  I saw this not once, but 3 times.
Guys announcing that they are selling and/or offering services via a loudspeaker attached to the front of their motorbikes.  Some video I took in Hoi An is below!!

Stuff I saw but did not photograph... I've provided links to similar pictures if I could find them!:

Me, burning my calf on the exhaust pipe. Turns out they're hot. And you're supposed to get off the other side. Who knew?

The driver holding hands with a bicyclist, giving the bike some momento

Stuff on Bicycles:

Ok, so not a lot of photos of crazy stuff on bikes, but my favorite sight was 2 girls riding one bicycle (one sitting on the seat, one on the rack over the back wheel), both pedaling using the same set of pedals, feet side-by-side.  We saw this repeatedly.  Hilarious.

Stuff on Cyclos:

A ton of rice crackers.
I don't know what this is, but there's a lot of it.  And the guy gave me the thumbs up right after I took the photo.
Mannequins!!  Originally there were about 10 of them, but by the time I caught up to take a photo, there were only a couple pieces yet to be unloaded.

Stuff I saw but did not photograph... I've provided links to similar pictures if I could find them!:

2 Buddhist monks in their golden robes

1 cyclo driver lighting his cyclo on fire out of boredom (this happened in front of us while we were drinking a streetside beer in Hue.  I think the guy was a little unhinged.)

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