Friday, June 29, 2012

Nights in Da Nang

Tim and I hit the town a bit in Da Nang, grabbing dinner at the lovely Waterfront Restaurant, where we got a prime table overlooking the street and the Han River, which divides the city from the beach area.  

It was a warm, but not hot night, so people were out on the town.  Kids were riding bikes on the promenade by the river, fishing boats cruised by (illuminated by the bright neon lights that Vietnam seems to favor), and folks whizzed by on motorbikes, sometimes with their entire family perched precariously on the motorbike (more on that later).

Our meal was pretty tasty- a bit of Vietnamese fusion.  We started with one of Vietnam's favorite salads, the green mango salad.  So crunchy and good.  Then we followed that up with the twice cooked pork belly with a star anise and orange sauce.  Awesome:

We rocked a bottle of wine as well as some local (to central Vietnam) beer: Huda

After dinner we walked along the river until we spotted this cute bar and went in for a couple beers.  This time we went with Biere Larue, which they served with some kick ass super salty peanuts.

Good times.

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