Friday, June 1, 2012

Mr. Ben and Mr. Tim Go Mountain Biking

Mr. Ben and Mr. Ben's wife (aka Erin) are moving to Bangkok this week and Tim and I are quite sad to see our Jakarta besties go.... we are excited to visit them in Bangkok soon, though!

On a lighter note, Mr. Ben and Mr. Tim took one last wild ride (a la Mr. Toad) a few weeks ago down Gunung Pancar near Sentul City, a suburb of Jakarta (it's the same place we went hiking last fall).  As they traversed the mountain and kampung, Mr. Ben took a ton of video with his trusty head-cam and got some great footage:

Please take note of Mr. Tim slow-mo leapfrogging over the handlebars of his bike at minute mark 00:55 and Mr. Ben biting it soon after.  At around 6 minutes you can see the transition from the kampung into the pine forest.  To me it looks more like the Pacific Northwest U.S. than Indonesia!

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