Monday, April 23, 2012

Liz and Meghan Arrive!

Sorry for the recent break in posts!  I've been busy the past two weeks exploring Java and Bali with Liz and Meghan, who made the loooooong trip around the world to hang out and see some of the sights in Indonesia.  We had an amazing time... expect several posts in the near future documenting our trip and its associated shenanigans.

Here are a few highlights from their arrival (I spared them from having to pose for photos after their epic journey from DC through Doha to Jakarta, so no jet-lagged shots of them in this post!).

This strange little fellow ushered them through the terrible airport traffic, waving his flag and contradicting my conclusion from a few months ago that manual labor ruled in Indonesia.  This traffic scarecrow was pretty funny- complete with mechanical waving arm!

After arriving at our apartment, the girls opened up their suitcases and gave me and Tim the Christmas we didn't really have... thanks to everyone who sent us all that awesome stuff!!  You hit all of my weak points- crafting gear, American junk food, and trashy magazines.  Fabulous.  Tim is happy to be rolling in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Lincoln liked his gifts, too.

And thanks to Liz and Meghan for dragging all of these goodies literally across the world!

Kid in a candy shop.


  1. This picture of you makes me giggle. and clap! Meghan and Liz are such troopers to haul all that important stuff over there!

  2. They definitely were troopers. And all those goodies made me giggle and clap, too. Literally.


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