Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hong Kong: Street Scenes

Tim and I joked that when we were in Hong Kong, we took just about every form of transportation known to man. An exaggeration, for sure, but damn, we took a lot of different vehicles during our 3 day stay! Plane, high speed train, taxi, funicular, subway, double decker bus... but in this post I shall show you Hong Kong's double-decker street car/tramways and its Central-Mid-Levels Escalator, as well as some other street scenes.

Hong Kong island has a cool system of electric trams that run through the major business district.  Double-decker trams, covered in advertising, run down the middle of the major road:

One night, Tim and I ate dinner at a place we read about, the American Restaurant. Rumor has it it was named thusly in order to lure in American sailors during the Vietnam War. But it's not an American restaurant- it serves Peking food in family-sized portions, including Peking duck:

It's kinda on a seedy street:

But it was pretty damn good... sizzling beef:

The surly waitstaff (ok, one guy was super nice), carving our Peking duck (yes, Tim and I ate an entire duck):

We basically rolled ourselves out of the restaurant to head to one of the bar/nightlife areas in the Mid-Levels.  To get there, we took the Central-Mid-Levels travelator, which is apparently the world's longest covered escalator systems.

Apparently people use this travelator to commute, as it goes up in the evening and down in the mornings. It's necessary because of Hong Kong's steep terrain: if you drove this route, it was be a circuitous route winding up the hills.

When we got to the mid-levels, there was a lovely mural.  I wanted to pose with it, but damn if I don't look pregnant with a Peking duck baby:

The next day we wandered around near our hotel a bit.  Turns out we were a couple blocks away from a wet market, my favorite!

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