Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hong Kong: View from the Top

The day after our cloud afternoon in Hong Kong, Tim and I decided to take the Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak to see the Hong Kong cityscape from above. The Peak Tram has been in operation since 1888, a funicular (i.e. pulled by a cable) that travels 1.4 kilometers, carrying people up the 552 meters to the peak. At times it was so steep we were practically laying down in the seats:

Shot of the tracks from above:

Ah, but the views.  Gorgeous!  We were so lucky to have a pretty, sunny day after the previous day's torrential rain and fog:

So the near side of the city is Hong Kong island, including the Central district.  The far part, on the other side of Victoria Harbour, is Kowloon (Hong Kong is actually comprised on several hundred small islands):

In this shot you can see some of the many cargo ships destined for and/or coming from Hong Kong's big port:

The view from the Sky Terrace is totally worth it:

After hanging out a bit on the Sky Terrace, we decided to grab some wontons, noodles and pork at Mak's Noodles. Pretty tasty and just what we were looking for:

Wanting to walk off the lunch, we decided to do the Peak Circle walk around Lugard and Harlech roads.  So pretty! Great views all the way around:

Much fewer buildings on the other side:

And some crazy trees to remind you that the jungle would take over if they let it:

A better view of the harbor and all the container ships:


  1. When we were in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, we took a funicular. And Steve kept calling it a vernacular. Love when you can get a bird's eye view of a city! Hong Kong looks pretty dramatic between the jungle, the skyscrapers and the water!

    1. ha ha- vernacular funicular! yes, definitely a dramatic and beautiful skyline!

  2. Wow gorgeous views! Hong Kong looks amazing! The noodles look delicious - isn't food one of the best parts of travelling? Love that plaid top too!
    PS: I am such a nerd, when you said Kowloon - I thought of Rob Lowe in Wayne's World. LOL


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