Friday, November 14, 2014

Greymouth Sea Foam and Monteith's Sampler

After Okarito, we chugged along down the West Coast to Greymouth, where we got a beachside campsite with pretty sunset views:

We wandered over to the Monteith's brewery to test out some of their tasty beverages and food pairings:

The next morning the beach scene was a bit weird... the tide was much higher and the whole beach was coated in this seafoam:

At first I was a bit grossed out... what could this be but pollutants of some variety or another? But some googling calmed me down. Sea foam is indeed a thing and isn't necessarily due to pollutants.

But a bit disconcerting nonetheless:


  1. Mmmmmm Monteith's. Such a good sampler in a pretty cool building. Can't wait til we can all get together to do some beer (or wine!) sampling - right?! My other memory from Greymouth is pretty lame - hanging out in McDonalds, drinking coffee and using the wifi while waiting for our laundry in the self-service laundromat shack.

    1. Ha ha- yeah, we pretty much drank beer, walked on the beach and left Greymouth. I think we were there less than 24 hours.


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