Friday, January 2, 2015

Diving Amed: Bunutan and Deep Blue

Over Christmas, Tim and I headed back to Bali, to our favorite low-key fishing and salt-making village (or group of villages, really), Amed. We decided to do some dives while in the area... good times!

Our first dive was at Bunutan, a quick boat ride away (jukung, the Indonesia outrigger canoe, to be specific) from our hotel on Lipah beach.

A great dive- we saw a ton of stuff... check out the video below. Highlights:
- heading off shore in the jukung
- the lovely
- cool barrel corals
- a big ole moray eel hanging out outside of his hole (1:01)
- some sort of kooky little fish (filefish maybe? at 2:00)
- 2 blurry nudibranchs, doin' it (2:08)
- a ginormous, blurry nudibranch (hexabranchus, perhaps), with an emperor shrimp on its back (2:29)
- lots of pretty, colorful fish, including pyramid butterfly fish, red-tooth triggerfish, emperor angelfish, brown-marbled grouper, needlefish...
- 3! pygmy seahorses, barely visible as they are the size of a fingernail clipping, hanging out in the sea fan (3:33)

Not pictured, but seen on the Bunutan dive:
- a baby white-tip reef shark under the coral!
- like 10 blue-spotted stingrays hanging out in the sand
- a walking feather sea star... I rarely see them on the move!

We also saw this cool spiny lobster, hanging out below the coral:

After a brief on-shore rest, we headed back out for a killer dive at Deep Blue, a 2-kilometer long drift along some lovely coral.

Highlights of the video:
- orange, hairy, orangutan crab (which I wish our divemaster hadn't poked) at 0:21
- a cool school of rainbow runners swimming to and fro around us at 0:41
- moorish idols at 1:10
- Tim, upside down, his preferred diving method (2:15)
- a couple big titan triggerfish (2:22 and 4:04)
- lots of awesome anemones and anemone fish (2:37)
- lionfish (2:47)
- blurry, but cool porcelain crabs in an anemone at 3:00
- a big old map puffer at 3:27
- another moray eel at 3:56
- so many anemones!

Not on video:
- another orangutan crab
- another baby white tip reef shark
- a couple napoleon wrasse in the distance

But the highlight of our Deep Blue dive was this big school of bigeye trevally (also called jacks)... awesome!  Reminded me of the scene in Finding Nemo when the school of fish is giving Dory and Marlin directions.

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