Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fiordland: Milford Sound Cruise

Wow, dudes, sorry, it's been a while since I updated this blog. This is in no way a statement on my enjoyment of New Zealand, but more of a commentary on life-after-NZ and how busy its been.  Anywho, here's more on our New Zealand trip, which was amazing:

After the scenic drive on Milford Road, we made to Milford Sound in time to enjoy a sandwich in the harbor before hopping on the boat for a cruise around the fiord on one of the smaller boats with Mitre Peak.

We had one of Milford Sound's very rare sunny days for our cruise...  apparently Milford Sound is the "wettest inhabited place in New Zealand," so we're talking really rare.  But sun helped with photos, so yay!  Check out how dramatic the harbor is:

Super sheer cliffs (totally vertical), super deep "sounds," aka fiords... in other words, those sheer cliffs continue straight down into the water, reaching depths of over 300 meters.

Gorgeous, huh?

Waterfalls: there is so much rain in Milford Sound that there are a zillion waterfalls, many permanent, but many popping up as the rain falls:

This photo gives some perspective on just how big these cliffs are... look at how they dwarf that big, double-decker boat:

So many waterfalls!

Milford Sound has some seal colonies... most of the seals were just chilling, though. Not much action from these guys:

Snow-capped peaks in the distance:

Clouds rolling in... the rain was catching up with us:

All-in-all, some pretty dramatic landscape views up in Milford.  Pretty cool!

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