Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fiordland: Mirror Lakes, Cascade Creek Nature Walk, Homer Tunnel

After our night at DOC's Henry Creek campsite, we kept heading up Route 94/Milford Road with the ultimate destination of Milford Sound, where we planned to take a boat ride to check out the fiord.

We made a couple stops along the way, though.

First we just pulled to the side of the road for this pretty valley view:

And to take photos of this crazy fog/low lying cloud blanketing the valley floor:

The we popped over to the Mirror Lakes viewpoint (DOC calls it a walk, but it barely constitutes a walk in my mind), which has a cool reflective views of the Earl Mountains:

After that, we popped by the Lake Gunn nature walk, because we hadn't had enough moss and ferns the day before...  Tim did some bird watching:

It was extra mossy here... sometimes the moss-covered downed trees started to look like a menagerie of weird green animals:

Macro moss shot:

Lake Gunn:

Sunny selfie:

As we continued driving up towards Milford Sound, there were countless viewpoints for looking around... here's one:

At some points we were just surrounded by clouds:

After these stops, it was time to tackle the Homer Tunnel, which is quite a creepy one-way tunnel through the mountain on the only road to the Milford Sound.  It was dark, wet, and claustrophia-inducing, for sure:

After the tunnel, we were pretty much at Milford Sound... more on that coming soon!

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