Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rob Roy Glacier Hike

While in Wanaka, a cute little resort town, we took Colleen and Steve's advice and took a day trip to hike to see the Rob Roy Glacier.... good stuff!  Lots of pics, but be patient, as there are some special treats towards the end of the post (read: jumping GIFs!).

From Wanaka to the Rob Roy Glacier trailhead you have to drive on lots and lots of unpaved road.  Lots.  And on that road you will encounter cows and sheep and pretty views.  Sometimes said cows use their size and numbers to their advantage and block the road:

They were all "Uuuug, eyeroll....":

As always in New Zealand, waterfalls aplenty:

Scenic much?

Finally, out of the car and headed out on our hike.  Dodging sheep pellets and cow patties for the first kilometer or so:


Of course, more suspension bridges:

It was super sunny and the mountains were casting major shadows that morning:

Some dicey bits on the trail... that overhang looks precarious, no?

Shedding layers as we climbed steadily up hill:

Glacier! Sun! Waterfall!

And again!

In case you missed it the first two times!

The edge of the glacier:

Cool shadows on cool trees:

Back to the Rob Roy:

That's a big waterfall:

Can you spot me?

Borderline too sunny at the glacier lookout:

Heading back through the forest towards the car:

The valley views are less shadowy as the sun moves overhead:

Can you spot the sheep all queued up?:

Jumping Tim! (these next few photos are in honor of Colleen and Steve, who excel at the jump pic):

Sheep and mountains and beautiful blue sky...

My turn to jump.... "SHEEEEEEP!":

I have no ups:

Tim attempts the elusive twist-jump. Or maybe it's a triple lutz?
Either way, the sheep weren't having it:

Then he went for the jump/splitz:

Driving back to Wanaka... so pretty!

More cows on the way back...  and no, they did not give way.  Jerks:

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