Thursday, June 27, 2013

Car Free Day Parade

Tim and I have done some Car Free Day biking the past couple weekends here in Jakarta.  Car Free Day is always really fun: lots of people cruising on bikes or strolling around, occasionally strange stuff going on...

Two weeks ago we stumbled on this parade, which we think (although could be totally wrong) was celebrating Lombok and Sumbawa heritage (Lombok is the island just east of Bali and then Sumbawa is east of that).  I love all the traditional clothing and the music.  Plus, it was a serious test of how slow Tim and I could ride our bikes without falling over or crashing into a wayward child.  Bonus: you can hear Tim almost lose his temper when a guy stepped directly in front of his moving bike to take a photo!  And, at the end there is a guy dressed up as a chili pepper and one as a bee, which reminds me of the bee guy on the Simpsons.

Here are some other highlights from that ride, including Tim chatting it up with our guard about where we were going, a protest we rode past, biking though the chaos of Bundaran HI (Hotel Indonesia Circle), three girls holding hands while biking (a sight more coming than you would think), a mini parade of guys dressed up as containers of Milo, and Tim biking really fast down the less-crowded home stretch:

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