Monday, June 10, 2013

Bukit Lawang: Bat Cave

On our last day in Bukit Lawang, in addition to checking out the orangutan feeding site, we hoofed it over to what was advertised as "The Bat Cave."

This involved crossing over the river on yet another sketchy bridge:


But we did get to see another troop of Thomas Leaf Monkeys hanging out as we passed through an area that had rubber trees and oil palms growing:

Once we got to the cave area itself it was very Indiana Jones-esque... dark, wet, slippery, covered in crazy vines:

No photos of the bats inside the cave (it was dark and I wasn't keen on using the flash in fear of waking all the bats and having them descend on me en masse...), but we did take the lovely shots above in which we pretend to climb the massive vines/tree roots.  You're welcome.

Also, Steve made a purple butterfly friend:

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