Saturday, February 11, 2012

Indonesian Greeting Card?

I'm pretty sure they don't have Hallmark here in Jakarta, but they make up for that in grand fashion with these massive (maybe 6 feet across?), colorful, floral "greeting card" displays for happy events.  

 Weddings, grand openings, graduations... all of these events are marked by tens of these ornate flower "cards" set up outside the venue.  This particular wedding was at a house on our block that seems to frequently host big events, but I've also seen them outside of hotels, recently opened offices or stores, newly completed construction sites.

"selamat" = best wishes, "bahagia" = happiness/contentedness (I think)

They get a little drippy and droopy after it rains on them, but they are pretty eye-catching nonetheless. 


  1. Meghan and I will expect a sign like this upon our arrival.

  2. With a sign like this plus your personal police escort from the airport, you'll arrive in style.


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