Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've done my fair share of complaining about restaurants here in Jakarta, but there are many things at which restaurants here excel.

For example: decor.  The decor at restaurants here is insane.  Funky, coordinated, modern.  I love it.

Also: presentation.  The food is generally presented in a really cool way... fun dishes, neat arrangements, etc.
Pitcher of fresh minty limeade, complete with accompanying mini-pitcher of simple syrup.,

Finally: drinks.  The array of options for interesting non-alcoholic beverages here is outstanding.  I guess when the majority of the country (or at least this island) doesn't drink alcohol, restaurants have to come up with exciting ways to entice diners into buying a fancy non-alcoholic drink with their meals rather than sticking to water.  As opposed to the U.S. where your non-alcoholic options are typically limited to soda or overly sweetened iced tea, here they go out of their way with fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, fun virgin cocktails, refreshing sparkling lemon or limeade drinks with fresh juice and herbs. 

Plus, on top of that, they typically let you sweeten your own iced tea or lemonade with simple syrup served in a cute, tiny pitcher.  This is awesome.  I hate in the U.S. that either the drink is pre-sweetened and it's far too sweet, or you have to stir in crystallized sugar that never really dissolves into your iced tea.  First world problems, indeed. It's so easy to make simple syrup!  Even the Starbucks here have it here as the default sweetener.  I love it, as you can probably tell.  It's a simple (har har) thing, but it's a really nice touch. 

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