Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grocery Games: Back from the Dead

It's been a long time since I've done one of these Grocery Games posts, but somewhere along the way, maybe when we moved into our permanent apartment, I decided I felt a little bit weird about taking photos at the grocery store.  At my grocery store, I should say.  I guess it seemed like it would ruin my street cred as a resident to bust out my camera while doing the daily shopping.  But let's be honest: I have no street cred.  It's hard to fit in and dodge the whole bule thing when people call out "Hey, bule!" or "Hey, Mister!" as I walk by.  Why bother trying... might as well have my camera at the ready to capture the good stuff!

Anywho... some amusing/interesting photos from my perjalanan (journey) to the toko makanan (grocery store) today:

Cocks in cages: it's not clear to me for what purpose these roosters are being sold (breeding? eating? fighting?), but I have noticed that sometimes they're in these bamboo cages and sometimes they're free to roam the jalan tikus (side road; literally translated as "rat road") between my house and the closest grocery store. 

Lady Drivers Only:  In grocery store parking lot there is a sign that says "Khusus Pengemudi Wanita/ Lady Drivers Only" (the Indonesian directly translates to "special lady drivers," I think).  Special parking spot? Is this the equivalent of those mother-to-be parking spots that started popping up in U.S. strip mall parking lots recently?

Nothing deceptive about these spuds:  Honesty potatoes... because all other potatoes are just flattering you.


  1. I love the honesty potatoes. We need more honest root veggies in the US. 'I honestly take 1.5 hours to cook through' 'Don't cook me like, I'll turn into a tasteless mush', etc. It would be excellent.

  2. "Honestly, I taste best deep-fried."


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