Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bali: The Villa

Tim and Ben had a conference for work in Bali this week, so we extended the trip a bit and spent the previous weekend chilling in Seminyak, one of the beach towns.  We rented a sweet villa, Villa Jakie, not too far from the beach.  The villa had a pool and beautiful garden, plus ladies to cook breakfast each day... kinda ridiculous, but definitely nice.  A welcome respite from the chaos and pollution of Jakarta, for sure.

Here are some shots of the villa:

View of the pool and secret garden from the front steps of the villa...  beautiful.

The villa itself- open air for the most part, but the bedrooms could be sectioned off and air conditioned.

Our bedroom- very comfy.  Mosquito net proved to be very useful.

Flowers from the yard left for us on the bed when we arrived...

Sunken entertainment room with cool decor and pretty bouquets.

Do they have crocodiles in Indonesia? On an unrelated note, I strive to make necklaces as cool as the ones used as decoration in this villa.

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