Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bali: The Garden

 The backyard at the villa was pretty amazing... a secret and very private garden where you could pretty much relax all day, were it not for all of the other cool stuff on the island begging to be explored.

Hindu shrines are pretty commonplace in Bali, found in each house and yard, as well as many shops and street corners.

There were several different kinds of flowers hanging over the pool... so pretty.

Not sure what this tree was, but the bright red flowers attracted lots of birds.

I love the enormous leaves on this plant.  Tim and I decided that these leaves are perfect for someone to fan us with.  Judging by the level of service at the villa, I'm a little bit surprised that nobody was...

Mango tree in the backyard.  This is the life.

Plumeria everywhere.  They smell so good!

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