Friday, October 28, 2011

Hotel Hell?

What do they call Montezuma's Revenge in Jakarta?  I know there must be some pithy saying for it... I've heard Bali belly, but I haven't had the fortune of landing on Bali yet.  Next week may be my chance to get Bali belly (but hopefully it'll miss me and I'll be able to spend my time there surfing and lounging on the beach).  Anywho, whatever you call it here, I've got it and I've had it for about 36 hours so far.  Unpleasant, to say the least.  I don't think I've ever had stomach cramps this painful... plus the shakes, a bit of a fever and general wooziness.

Sooooo... since I am trapped in my hotel room hell (a terrible place to be trapped, I know.  Poor, poor me.), here are some funny things I've seen here, in no particular order:

1. The hotel logo (a circular, sun-shaped design) is everywhere.  And by "everywhere" I mean some poor soul has to rake the sun shape into the sandy stuff into which people put their cigarettes butts.  Too much.

2. Tim got really desparate for clean underwear and t-shirts since he's been here 2 weeks, so he had the hotel do some of his laundry.  Here's how it came back to him:  
In a pick-a-nick basket...

All folded, with socks wrapped in paper like they were new. 

3. A mini Grocery Game for you, courtesy of the mini-bar in the hotel:

On the list of things I hope I never have to drink, sweat falls only shortly behind pee and sewage.

I tried these with one of Tim's coworkers.  Not too bad.  But try selling mushroom crisps to most Americans.  Good luck with that.  They're no Cheetos.

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