Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cat Hotel

Hey ladies... it's your boy, Linc, back in action.  

I've settled in here at the cat hotel (otherwise known as Ben's apartment).  This place is pretty sweet.  Once I get my new pad, I'll still be able to visit since it's in the 'hood.

Let me introduce you to the other residents here:
Catania likes to roll around on the ground in an attempt to convince someone to let her outside.  Also, she jingles.
Manny is displeased by your presence on his quilt. 

Oh, hai!  Patches is a new and very cute addition to the household.
Patches' bro, Manny 2 (also known as Mango) is feisty and squeaky.

I'm using my skillz to make some new friends.

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